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About Lara

I always knew I absolutely had to find a career in something that stretched my creative muscles. If not, I would clearly be doomed to an unhappy existence. So, I attended Cornell University’s Fine Arts School, which was amazing but not very specific. After obtaining my BFA, I realized being a fine artist wasn’t quite right for me. I decided to enroll at The New York School of Interior Design and bingo! I found my passion! After working for several famous interior designers in NYC, I started to get asked by friends to help them decorate their homes and apartments….and so, my own interior design biz began.

Since those humble beginnings back in the day, I have helped hundreds of homeowners build, renovate, and transform their spaces into ones they absolutely love. I have designed and installed millions of dollars worth of custom cabinetry, built-ins, vanities, and custom furniture. I’ve been featured in and have graced the covers of a variety of top shelter magazines and have won many interior design awards. What I find most rewarding though about being an interior designer is how I have improved the quality of my client’s lives by creating their dream homes. They are so thankful for the time, money, and serious amounts of stress I saved them, and for helping them to avoid major design mistakes. Nothing beats hearing about how much they love living in their homes when their transformations are complete!

I honestly can’t believe I’ve been at this interior designing gig for over 20 years…time really flies when you find something you’re passionate about! I started this blog to share my world of design with you and all that I’ve learned and love about it. All of the photos you see on this site are my own original designs. To view my full portfolio, visit my portfolio page on my website If you are in need of professional design help, reach out to set up a consultation. Keep abreast of my latest posts by signing up for my newsletter or follow me on social media. I truly hope you find this blog useful, inspiring, and illuminating! Happy Designing!

A recent text from clients returning home after an 8 week holiday…

this is why I love my job!....